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What is a Marketing Plan?

For those of you who are engaged in marketing, the term marketing plan must be familiar. However, many are switched between marketing plan and marketing strategy. What is the difference between marketing plan and marketing strategy?

Marketing strategy is an explanation of business targets owned by a company or brand. It is closely related to the values and objectives of a business.

Meanwhile, marketing plan is how you achieve your target marketing goals.

Simply put, marketing plan is the implementation of the company’s marketing strategy that can consist of various ways to achieve the same target in business.

Elements of Marketing Plan

1. Company Summary and Objectives

First, get to know your company profile and its purpose. This way, you can find out the situation of the company and the goals you want to achieve.

2. Determine The Targets and Standards to Be Achieved

Second, set targets and standards that must be achieved. When you know the exact standard, it will be easier to measure progress to reach the desired target.

3. Determine the Target Market

Another important thing when creating a marketing plan is to determine who your target market is. By determining your target market, it will be easier to set the style of promotion and marketing to be done. Marketing will also be more effective.

4. Define The Type of Promotional Content

Now there’s a lot of promotional content to choose from. It’s important to specify the type of content you want to run. Choose well to help you reach your target to the maximum.

5. Know your Competitors

Do some research to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors. Recognizing your competitors will help you build a complete and clear marketing plan.

6. Set Focus and Priority

You may have a lot of ideas, but it’s important to stay focused and set priorities. Don’t let you get overwhelmed because there’s too much to do.

So in addition to setting what you want to achieve, you need to put aside things you’re not focused on to avoid unnecessary distractions.

7. Set a Budget

In making a marketing plan, it is important to set an effective and realistic budget. Set a budget well to make marketing steps smoother.

Sample Marketing Plan

After knowing some important things in creating a marketing plan, let’s take a look at the examples that you can make below.

1. Buffer

Buffer makes it easy for those in the marketing world by creating a marketing plan template with instructions along with examples. Example marketing plan by Buffer is suitable for those of you who have never documented a marketing plan before. Check out the template in this link, yes.

Buffer’s marketing plan can help you learn. Starting from answering fundamental questions about the company and its objectives, analyzing accurate target markets, evaluating marketing strategies by understanding the company’s strengths and weaknesses, to creating a good promotional workflow.

2. Contently

The marketing plan created by Contently focuses on creating promotional content. However, instead of creating a new one for each campaign, Contently’s example marketing plan will help you improve your promotion steps to the maximum.

You can learn to tailor your content to your target audience, determine which channel is most effective for you to use, and also know which content your customers and potential customers enjoy the most.

3. Forbes

In 2013, Forbes created a marketing plan that has been used by many people. An example created by Forbes will teach you 15 important points in:

  • Business plan summary
  • Target customers
  • Unique Selling Proposition (USP)
  • Pricing strategies
  • Distribution plan
  • Offers
  • Marketing materials
  • Promotional strategies
  • Online marketing strategies
  • Conversion strategy
  • Partnership
  • Referral strategies
  • Strategies to increase the number and price of transactions
  • Retention strategies
  • Financial projections

Marketing plan created by Forbes is one of the detailed examples and suitable for those of you who want to create a marketing plan from scratch. In business, you must always be ready to adapt and change your plan. Be diligent to analyze and adjust to the company’s current condition.

That’s the multiplicity of marketing plans that you must understand if you want to succeed in a career in marketing.

In essence, one of the important elements in the world of marketing can be used as a report that is able to describe the effectiveness of marketing strategies for the next year, quarter, or month.

Building a marketing plan is fun, however, the process of making it can not be underestimated. To make it wrong, don’t forget to note all of Onesthal’s explanations above, yes.

Well, although a marketing plan can be a turning point in the success of your marketing campaign, there are many other aspects that can increase the productivity of you and your marketing team.

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Tips on How to Create Instagram Content Marketing

Lately, business people and even individual Instagram users create content like a blog. Content varies according to the instagram user’s area of expertise or business; starting from tips, general science, or even just a product review. Jurnal itself refers to this phenomenon as Instagram content marketing.

Not much different actually by creating content marketing through blogs or other media. It’s just that the uniqueness of Instagram’s algorithm itself makes content marketing on social media that facebook is a little different.

Reported from Later, Instagram algorithm is not much different from Google algorithm: you’ve got what the most you searched. Both adopt personalized algorithms. More details, Jurnal by Mekari will explain how to create good Instagram content and get more engagement than you expect!

Post Time!

Yes, this first requirement may have been read frequently in any article. Posting time is already a major requirement not even just a myth for how you get more engagement from Instagram users. This refers to Instagram’s own algorithm.

The reason is of course Instagram will show more posts that get engagement faster and more in the explore column. Posts that have more likes, comments, shares in the fastest timeframe will get more views than those with minimal engagement. It is therefore important that you pay attention to when your posts are uploaded. Look for times when Instagram users are actively surfing.

It’s not just visuals, Instagram is about words and timing!

Make Your Audience Linger in Your Posts!

Have you ever seen in a single post there are many slides? Yes, none other than this aims to keep the audience lingering in your posts. The term is also called carousel post. Where in one post there are many images.

This is also the reason why nowadays many business people on Instagram rely on Instagram Content Marketing such as blogs. Yes, the goal is so you can linger on the post.

In addition, you can also get around it by creating long videos with IGTV or videos that are cut into pieces and divided into several slides. The content of the video can vary from tutorials, sketches, and that can definitely drive the audience to engage with your posts.

Why should you keep your audience lingering on your Instagram posts? Again, this is to influence your posts to get better coverage based on Instagram’s algorithm.

Make Your Post Viral!

Viral or not a post is influenced by engagement rate. Start how many like your post, how many visit your feed, and other factors.

Going viral doesn’t mean creating controversy. This is precisely what needs to be avoided in creating Instagram content. It could even ruin your business reputation. Remember, viral is fine, drama don’t!

Instagram content should be able to provide answers and emotions to the audience

A post that goes viral or shareable content should be able to answer the audience’s curiosity, touch emotions, and also provide answers to audience questions. Therefore why nowadays many posts such as tips, tricks, science, or even that can provoke the emotions of the audience, “this writing is really me!”.

There are two methods to make your Instagram post go viral; hard and soft methods. This hard method is usually like a giveaway, where usually the giveawayer provides certain terms related to the engagement of the post.

Both methods are soft. Usually it’s an article or an account owner building a story or experience that I really do in one post. For example, by creating content, “5 types of friends who nyebelin” by itself, the audience will definitely mention his friend’s account in the comment field that will certainly invite a lot of leads.

You can also create certain gimmicks such as handing out voucher codes with copywriting that can get people interested in writing comments and tagging their friends for follow-ups to get the code.

In addition, you can tell stories in your posts that end with cta sentences or call to action. Let’s say you’re a sneaker seller and create content, “5 sneakers that are suitable for valentine’s day” in the caption or last slide you can insert a single CTA sentence to attract an audience.


Consistent in a sense; mentally consistent and also technically consistent. First, technically consistent is to build your Instagram brand profile. For example, color consistency, upload time consistency, and also feeds pattern consistency.

Building consistency and brand on your Instagram profile is important to make your business better known to your audience. Only by looking at a specific color or specific feed model, people already recognize if the feed is from your Instagram profile.

Second, consistent to upload. Avoid missing just one day of uploading Instagram posts. Because Instagram’s algorithm also reads how often your Instagram content is uploaded.

So basically, Instagram content marketing is not just about creating content. But furthermore, you should pay attention to instagram profile brands, when to upload, and most importantly the appropriate use of hashtags and have a large volume. So, ready to succeed through Instagram content marketing?!

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